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Welcome to HaSBTech!

Like our website, you will find that we value function over flash. Whether we are providing IT support for your business, tech support for your home computers or just helping you over the phone with a computer issue you will find your issues will be resolved in a fast, friendly and understandable way.

HaSBTech provides IT consulting and Tech Support for your business' servers, desktops, laptops, network equipment. We support customers running Windows, Mac OS/X and Linux (other Unix variants as well) while keeping the tech jargon to a minimum. We can also maintain your physical and wireless networks' security.

We specialize in protecting your data. We have been providing industry standard data storage, recovery, virtualization and maintenance for over 10 years.

When you consult with HaSBTech, you will find we are an invauble asset to your IT team, providing fast, friendly computer help. Call us for a free estimate for your office or home.

Specializing in Small Business and Home Office Technical Support.